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  1. Gary H. Johnson, Jr. Says:

    If I were to council a reading list…

    Start with

    The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright, then read

    Stephen Schwartz’ Two Faces of Islam

    Jesus and Muhammad by Mark Gabriel

    The Truth About Muhammad by Robert Spencer

    America Alone by Mark Steyn

    Londonistan by Melanie Philips

    Hamas by Matthew Levitt

    Hezbollah by Norton

    Lebanon, The Saudis, and The Iranians by Sandra Mackey

    God’s Terrorists by Charles Allen

    The Pirate Coast by Richard Zacks

    Why I am Not a Muslim by ibn Warraq

    The Fight for Jerusalem by Dore Gold

    The Voice of Hezbollah by Nicholas Noe

    Infiltration by Paul Sperry

    Future Jihad, War of Ideas, and The Confrontation by Walid Phares.

    Why We Want to Kill You by Walid Shoebat,

    The Legacy of Jihad by Andrew Bostom,

    Jihad Inc. by Steven Emerson,

    They Must be Stopped by Brigitte Gabriel

    The Secret History of the Iraq War, and Chechen Jihad by Yosef Bodansky

    In the Footsteps of the Prophet by Tariq Ramadan, followed closely by

    The Taliban by Rashid

    Muhammad the Prophet by Maulana Muhammad Ali

    The Heirs of the Prophet by Roger Barnaby

    And throughout your study, pick up four to six translations of the Koran…there are over 60 to choose from…

    Make sure to follow the footnotes carefully and read every article you can relating to your reading list…and you can then properly begin your study…of contemporary Jihadism and Islamic Supremacism.

    I also find everything Kepel attaches his name to is well thought out and accessible. The work of Scheuer is spot on as far as the Afghanistan/Pakistan/Central Asia intel, but I find it laced with anti-semitism and anti-neoconism. I am currently working on Descent into Chaos, Public Duties in Islam, and Stealth Jihad.

    It couldn’t hurt to read everything written by John Locke, Thomas Paine, Jefferson, and Franklin; The Declaration of Independence, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights; and every non-fiction work by Ayn Rand.

    The anti-jihad community needs my help…Steven Emerson said it best in his Mumbai reactions…”They’re Winning”.

    “Wherever rationale holds sway over reason, jihad is not long in coming.”

    -Gary H. Johnson, Jr.

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